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The Weekend Spoiler

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No matter how much we ignore it….. The weekends are when a lot of people lose all the good work and focus.

The principal cause is alcohol. The booze holds you back from getting the results you are really capable of getting. It’s better to be aware of some of the effects of alcohol :

*Sleep quality diminished

*Increased levels of stress hormone cortisol

*Reduces levels of muscle growth and repair

*Increased levels of dehydration

*Depletes energy levels

*Effects nutrition plans

*Spikes calorie intake

The odd drink wont have a big impact, if you are training and eating well, but regular boozing is an issue.

Those 4 to 6 hours on a Saturday night, may well be holding a few of you back from getting the results you want, or even worse, could be adding to your weight and body fat despite the hard work being done in the gym.

Even if you work hard during the week in terms of training and nutrition, it can all potentially be done on Saturday/Friday nights out.

Scenario for you all to consider :

If someone was to train hard Monday to Thursday and eat well, they could possibly run up a nice calorie deficit of anything from 200 to 400 calories over a day . Thats great – Kudos.

So lets say Friday comes along and you are sitting pretty on a deficit (minus) calories of 800 to 1600 calories for the week and its Friday so you get a bit loose. Maybe you have a few glasses of wine, or not so healthy meal somewhere along the line, its Friday after all, but lets be generous and say you still break even on calories for the day.

So Saturday rolls around and you are still sitting pretty on -1400 calories ( we’ll be generous again). Structure is harder to maintain on a Saturday. I get that.

Saturday night comes along, and lets pick two straight forward enough scenarios…

1) 4 drinks ( beer/Cider or wine lets say) and a pizza maybe (dinner at home or out)


2) Lets say you have 7 to 9 drinks ( beer/Cider or wine lets say)

(Again lets be generous and presume that late night take away after the pub of around 1000 calories or more, doesn’t happen, even though it probably does for most of us)

Calorie expense ??? : in or around 1600 to 1800 calories.

So now, all that deficit you worked for all week is GONE. Again lets just be nice and say you are breaking even. In terms of calories consumed versus calories spent.

On to Sunday ……

The hangover and food binge takes over and with hangover food binges on a Sunday, you will over shoot your required calories. You haven’t planned your food, so you end up going for highly refined, high calorie foods.  

So after working hard Monday to Thursday in the gym, after being good with your nutrition Monday to Thursday ( maybe even Friday), you have managed to increase your weight and body fat as a result of Saturday night. Bearing in mind that the above scenario is a generous one too.

For a few of you, this may not be an issue, for a few of you, this more than likely is an issue.


I will follow this up with  a few pointers on how to at least try to soften the blow somewhat with out becoming a total hermit.

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