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The Importance of Accountability

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When I talk to people who have struggled with their body fat/weight goals a lot of the time there is a common underlying issue. They have a want, they understand what is needed, they knock out a couple of training sessions a week, but some how they are not getting where they feel they should. If you ask them how things are going, the answer will generally be “Fine, I’m eating okay and getting to training”, but then if you press harder and ask them to break down what they ate each day and when they trained or what they trained at, you get a better idea of what the issue is……. Accountability or lack of.

We go through the day and week not really paying much attention to what we are eating or how often we are actually training and then we get to the end of the week and notice we haven’t gotten any closer to our goals, what ever that may be. Another common habit is making excuses for poor habits, whether that’s nutrition or maybe dodging training sessions.

Keeping the heat on yourself, or applying continual pressure, can help you become your very best over time. You need to make yourself accountable for your actions and not make excuses.

Rather than always being reactive, try to be proactive, so make a list of fundamental tasks you need to do every day in order to hit your goals. These are your minimum standards.

These standards can be simple actions like eating a better breakfast/protein sources for breakfast, drinking more water, doing a minimum or 40 mins exercise X amount of times a week. By listing these and planning, you are far more likely to hit your goals rather than just bobbing along aimlessly day to day and not taking account of what is going on.

Another approach would be to get a training partner. If you have someone that is also on a similar journey as you, then you are far more likely to follow your minimum standards.


If you want to attend a class, then pay for a few in advance. The fact you have already paid will increase your chance of getting up off the couch and attending.


Hiring a Personal trainer for one to one or semi private sessions is the most frequently used method and often the most successful. The premise is the same as paying for classes. By Paying a PT you have an allocated time, a personalised program, and if semi private session, then you have training buddies too. All this means more accountability, better training and faster results.


If Nutrition is a big issue, or more specifically, hitting a certain amount of calories or macros percentages, then maybe track your food consumption on an app like MyFitnessPal. This way you can see exactly what is going on and not just arrive at the end of the day/week in a calorie surplus again. In order to do this however, you will need to know what numbers you need to aim for based on your goals and current stats.


As always if you have any questions on any of he above or would like help adding further accountability to your training to fast track results, , then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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