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Stronger, Bigger Glutes

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Generally people want to build glutes for two main reasons, 1) Aesthetics…. they just want have a decent sized bum, or 2) They want to improve sports/athletic performance.

For some people, it is not always as straight forward as doing the exercises we will discuss here. They may need to look at some activation drills first. This was covered in a previous post :


Your backside consists of three major muscles: the glute maximum, glute medius, and glute minimus. These muscles are responsible for extending, abducting, externally rotating and internally rotating your hips—critical movements for sprinting, jumping and changing direction…… and adding shape to your bum. They’re incredibly important, but they’re often weak and under worked.

So many people now work in jobs where we sit for long periods and have little use for our glutes. Once our glutes stop firing, our hip flexors (the muscles that pull the thigh forward) get tight and can lead to injury.  If you build a stronger bum you can a whole range of benefits ; from a performance point of view you now have a stronger  extention, abduction, externally rotation and internally rotation of  your hips—critical movements for sprinting, jumping and changing direction. A lot of lower back pain has also been linked to weak glutes, something i discovered first hand.  Glutes stabilse the hips, so are so important for a lot of our movements. Lastly, if you want to build a bum, you have to work on it, so get lifting.

The 4 exercises in the above video are as follows  :

  1. Kettle Bell swing
  2. Deadlift
  3. Squat
  4. Hip Thrust

The first three are technical exercises and if you have never been shown how to do them before, it would be best to seek guidance from a qualified personal trainer/gym instructor first.

As i mentioned, try the glute activation drills first to really maximise your session.



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