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Glute Activation Drills

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Glute Activation 

A common issue these days and something which is starting to get a lot of attention is glute activation. Whilst it can sometimes be over done and blamed for a whole list of ailments, it is worth considering. Office workers/desk jockeys are very prone to poor glute strength and activation. The problem with having inactive glutes is that, even if you are doing exercises that are meant to be hitting your glutes, it may not be happening and they are getting bypassed. It also an untapped power source in your training if you are not using it. It would be like a car not firing on all cylinders.

The video shows a couple of simple drills you can to that will massively increase the chances of firing up your glutes. Do these BEFORE your workout ( especially before deadlift and squats). I have found a massive difference when I do this warm up routine.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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