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Beginners work-out

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If you are a total beginner or maybe getting back to the gym after a long “sabbatical”, getting started in the gym can be a big ordeal. Just trying to figure out what to do can be enough to put us off.

So, here is a straight forward enough full body workout that you can use, with a video above demonstrating the exercises.

The program is as follows :

A) Squat

B1 )Bench press

B 2 ) Pull up

C1) Step ups

C2) Seated Shoulder press

D1 ) BOR

D2) Bicep / Tricep

As you can see i have put some exercises together, these are “supersets”. You do both exercises together and then take your break ( say 60 seconds ).

In terms of volume/sets/reps, this should be dictated by what your individual goals are, as doing say 3 sets of 3 reps, has a very different physical adaptation versus say 4 sets of 12 reps. It is always best to have the right exercises, and the right volume based on YOUR goals. That said 3 sets of 8 reps is a middle of the road option.  You should be applying progressive over load to all training as well, or else you will plateau ( This will be discussed in my next blog post)

Make sure you are well armed up before lifting.

If you would like to bring your training a step further and fast track your results through effective programming and nutrition advise, get in touch for a chat before things get too crazy in the new year and see what could be done to help you achieve your goals.


Happy training.

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