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The Big 3

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Bench Press —  Dead lift — Squat

Most of you have probably heard of them, and some of you may have trained at all three. If you are training in the gym, you need to be doing these three lifts (unless of course there is some physical restriction for you). There are a number of reasons, I’ll try stick with some fundamental ones.

Bang for your buck : The three lifts are referred to as compound lifts, which means they work 2 or more joints during the movement, the knock on of this is that you are working more muscle groups, so in the one repetition you get to work more target areas.

Reduced Time In The Gym : As just mentioned, with compound lifts you get to hit various muscle groups rather than isolation exercises( which have there own merits), so if you are time poor, by doing just bench press, squat, and dead lift you can get a good workout on the following areas  :









Fairly extensive right  ??

Greatest Release Of Hormones: The more effort an exercise is on the body the more the body releases growth hormones, so as they lifts are top f the scale in terms of effort, they will release the highest rate of HGH, which will allow for greater muscle growth. At this point its probably wise to point out that for female lifters, this does NOT mean you will automatically get big and bulky……this is a massive misconception I hear so often, especially from females. Big and bulky does not happen by mistake or by accident, it requires work and focus, so don’t panic.

With effective programming and some coaching (especially on squat and dead lift), the three big lifts can make a massive difference to your strength, movement and physique.

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