Is it for Me?

If you are looking for a fun effective way to get in shape and kickstart a healthy lifestyle then this is the bootcamp for you. Accelerate Fitness bootcamp sessions are designed so that anyone can partake and work towards their goals.With a friendly team and expert programme design suitable for all fitness levels these sessions are perfect for people starting out on their fitness journey and or anyone looking for some extra training to hit their targets.

The Bootcamp

Our bootcamp workouts will be a mix of high intensity work to burn calories and exercises to help tone.
We are not like other bootcamps, we do not believe in one size fits all and a drill sergeant approach. We understand that everyone's ability is different and we factor that into every bootcamp session.


The location of the bootcamp is Sandyford with both drop in rates and bulk passes.
You can find details of our next session below so come along, or, fill in your contact details for a callback.
Looking forward to training with you.

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Let's Train

If you are in need of a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor advice, get in touch now for a consultation

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