Alex has the attitude, skills & experience to help you achieve and exceed your goals!!

Barry O'S

Accelerate Fitness developed a personal training program to suit my lifestyle. From nutritional advice to training plans, he knows exactly what he's talking about and was always there to answer any questions. Highly recommended.

Ian O'S

Absolutely brilliant got me back into getting fit with proper one to one sessions, great motivation and easy to use efficient app. Highly recommend.

James B

As a casual gym user I never really got value from my monthly direct debits for bland super modern gyms. I've found having someone support and tailor a programme specifically for me has given me confidence to achieve my goals. A by-product of the increased self esteem is that it motivates me to eat better and reach my goals. I've really enjoyed the feeling of continuous improvement. I can honestly say joining Alex in accelerate has given me results that would otherwise have taken months to achieve. I would definitely recommend anyone to try it out and I have no doubt they will be hooked like me!

Caolan R