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3 Points of Attack

To give you the body you want.


After an initial thorough consultation, we will work out the best approach to get you to your Health and Fitness goal.
Your personalised programme will be designed using the latest knowledge and focusing on what works for you, to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. 


Nutrition is a vital part of becoming a healthier , fitter version of yourself.

Whether your aim is improving sports performance, or striving for a new body shape, Nutrition has to be part of the process.


One of the hardest parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is incorporating the correct exercise and diet into your daily routine.
The goal is to provide consistent support and regular assessments to ensure the smart training tools we teach you naturally become a habit and not a chore.

Why Accelerate?

Learn to Stick to It

At Accelerate Fitness, our aim isn’t to get you through a crash diet of nothing but carrots and rivita for six weeks on top of a training programme that pushes you to passing out. We strive to get you the results you want to help create a sustainable and positive attitude towards Health and Fitness.

Passion for Health and Fitness

I am extremely passionate about Health and Fitness. This is something that has grown in me over the last ten years. It is something I really believe in and strongly feel that once you can get over that first difficult early stage and make small, but consistent changes, you can become a healthier, fitter, stronger version of you.

Past Experience

I was the tubby kid growing up and was never one for training even when I was playing sports; in fact I was probably the worst trainer. Having gone from the overweight lazy guy to completing 30+ triathlons and a ten hour Ironman and totally transforming my own physique, I feel I know about the struggle it can be. I also know how great it is when you do break the cycle and start to create a better, healthier, fitter you.

Doing it right

There are numerous pop up gyms and Personal trainers these days whose main focus is stacking the bar with more and more weights and just making sure you “feel the burn” – Buyer Beware, this isn’t always the way and often leads to injuries which then leads to regression in your training. We insist on proper technique to make sure your work out in a safe environment but also improve your movement patterns.

Free Consultation

We know price is important when you choose your personal trainer so we are offering a free consultation where we will get the chance to assess your fitness needs and goals and agree on a plan.

No matter what your goal or aim is, we will do our best to tailor a package that suits you. Leave your details below for a no obligation call back.

121 Training

Whether its dropping body fat percentage or putting on some extra lean muscle, we can work to your needs. Instead of slogging away aimlessly in the gym on your own, we can design a tailored package, including training and nutrition which will get you beach buff or bikini ready.

Group-Fit - The Semi-Private Package

All the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the price. Flexible training schedule. Support and camaraderie from your training group.

Online Personal Training

This package includes initial online assessments, a program made just for you, constant feedback, goal-setting, high-level accountability, numerous progressions, and regressions if necessary, all accompanied by demonstration videos.


Please be advised that personal data you submit on this site will not be given to, or accessed by third parties at any stage.

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